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Whose Outrage Is Justified: Right Or Anti-Right? IndiaPolls2019

Secularism In Indian Politics:

 India has always been a deeply religious ­nation. Separation between faith and state is an ancient feature of secular Indian society. The word "secular" was inserted in a 1976 constitutional amendment, in order to make the position explicit.The Hindi word that is commonly used for secularism in India is "dharmanirapekshata", which means "indifference towards religion".

There is right and there is wrong. Democracy is run on participation. A few have the habit of being in the limelight by attacking success. It is to hide their own failure. The better option for them is to join in the success and get their voice heard. Thus it is time for the left to join the right if they need to be heard. That is the only way to bring in the balance to the center. Otherwise we will have either extreme right or left both of which are bad.Congress Creates Conflict for Power .When Lungidhari Chiddu can Invent Bhsgwa word for Appeasement Please don't expect positive about Nation from Congress.Congress is the current east India company remaining in India to divide India.

Congress is playing hand in glove with Pakistan and china to grab power Back.They are running parallel govt in India ,shame on congress.Pakistan is promoting khalostan movement in Punjab,they are trying to instigate Sikh bros against Indian govt , Siddhu and congress are stooge of their plan ....shame on congress,relay anti-national move.Because Congress knows very well that there are enough Muslims in India who love Pakistan and feels Pakistan as their natural home. To satisfy those Muslims and ensure their permanent vote to Congress, congressi PIDIs always try to satisfy Muslims and address their emotions at the cost of Nation and its security. Therefore once Sonia Gandhi cried bitterly looking at the picture of the dreaded Batla Islamic terrorists. Even other congressi Ministers branded it as fake encounter. All these drama was to remain in good books of Muslims. Congress was, is and will always remain as the dangerous termite of this nation.

The whole congress Party is useless, meaningless, and traitor party for India. They were doing dirty politics back in old days too and doing today too.Lots of politics is getting to see near by eyes. India will need to have leader like Narendra Modi since they are doing well. All over international level importance of India has grown up. If congress come in power then there will be trouble because they will spend almost all period to break the rule/regulation made by NaMo. After that they will impose new rules/regulation which could take another some time.
This has long been the challenge from the Hindu right, which alleges that the Indian secular model as advanced by Nehru and his heirs is "western" and "anti-Hindu", "appeases minorities" and is, therefore, "pseudo-secular". One main complaint of right-wing Hindu politicians is the lack of a uniform civil code for all citizens. They point to the anomaly of Muslims being allowed up to four wives under their "personal law", while non-Muslim Indians are legally bound to be monogamous. Dealing with the Fundamental Rights clarifies the meaning of secularism.Unfortunately reality is far removed from this ideal of secularism.For India to be truly secular the parties will have to develop an ideology and program based approach to politics in which the secular prevails and the communal is submerged.
The principle of the performance of secular identity has now been replaced by the performance of Hinduness or Hindu identity as the necessary, if not sufficient, condition for political leadership and, more fundamentally, even for belonging in the Indian nation. The BJP has effectively managed to change the logic of the political field and the currency of political capital in India in significant ways.


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