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Rahul Gandhi's Flight Crashed Before Takeoff

Interview of Eric Trappier, CEO, Dassault Aviation with The Economic Times:

Congress just making an illusion and throwing confusion in people minds before elections. Some great Paid Media like THE WIRE, THE QUINT, THE PRINT, SCOOP WOOP helping Congress for building support to the lies.

IAF Chief Dhanoa Defends Government On Rafale Deal :

Rafale is the cooked up story by Congress for defaming Modi government. But little do they realize that the people trust Modi and know Rahul is a liar. Shameless Rahul Gandhi is doing all this propaganda to give push to his sinking Political career.

Sanjay Bhandari Ready To Take Names | Vadra Friend :

Malicious intents of congress on Rafale are gradually being unfolded. Why they compromised with the country's security for ten years during their tenure is coming out to public scrutiny with respect to procurement of arms of the security forces. When will this congress wrong doing will end?i wonder how many things are still unknown to common people.

 French President Macron Breaks His Silence On Rafale:

French President Emmanuel Macron has said that the Rafale deal was a "government-to-government" discussion and he was not in power when the multi-billion dollar agreement for 36 fighter jets was signed between India and France.

Interview  Exposes Rahul Gandhi's Lie On Rafale Pricing:

Robert Vadra’s Flat 12 @ Ellerton House, Bryanton Square was refurbished by arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari, who wanted Rafale Deal in 2016 :

Who is Robert Vadra? and What is His Relation with Gandhi Family?

  Robert Vadra who is also known as 'Damaad (जमाई / दामाद) of India. He is the son-in-law of Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, and a member of the Nehru family by marriage. He is the husband of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi's sister 'Priyanka Gandhi'. Mr. Robert Vadra was an ordinary citizen of India until he got married with Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi. After his marriage, he was treated as a VVIP enjoying all concessions as given to a cabinet minister. He became Influential & powerful as the Son-in-Law law of the Congress president & got thing done in the twinkling of an eye. From a small business man he rose to become a millionaire due to the extension of financial patronage to him by the UPA Govt. This is the true colour of Congress now preaching Gospel to others oblivious to all sense of shame. Priyanka ghandi & Robert Vadra looted India GVMT khajaana & GVMT land also & they taken India GVMT money to foreign & even they looted Indian poor people land & money.

BJP Questions Congress On Rafale Negotiations:

French government and Dassault Aviation have already given clarification denying any pressure from Indian govt. Mr.Hollande himself has taken U turn from his earlier alleged statement , in the the interview given to AFP news agency now saying he is unaware of any pressure. Now, French govt. should ask him to hold press conference and clarify the things. Till now all allegations of congress were coming out to be wild claims without any proof but after Mr.Hollande first statement congress first got some ammunition and within 24 hrs Mr.Hollande back tracked from his statement. While congress is happy to be selective.
Rahul is a mouth piece of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, the convulsion is the main contract of Rafael has gone to Ambani&Co instead HAL whose long standing established track record in servicing aeroplane n maker of Tejas which really fell a short in success to achieve truly an indigenous manufacturers. Similar situation existed in USA Boing n Lakheed in late forties n fifties. While HAL want to stamp his authority without a competitor in the country which created furrier in the media. I assume Modi administration made logical right decision to bring/create a competitor rivalries for better yield for the nation to deliver best choices n products.
Rahul must be on the payroll of HAL, that’s why aggressively defending HAL.

Congress kept nation at risk by not giving arms that country needed to defend, it is obvious congress will not acquire unless they get commissions, example P chidambaram & co and their scams. Modji is honest, honorable, he works as watchman for nation is reality. Rahul Gandhi should be put behind bars for inciting innocent people and accepting bribes from enemies of India and force IAF to disclose the strategic nature of the Rafale deal. MOU between Dassault Aviation and Reliance was signed in 2012. When will the Rahul Gandhi and psuedo-defence analysts like Ajai Shukla stop behaving like idiots? This statement by Hollande smells of a scam in France! The French government said yesterday (21st Sept 2018) that they were in no manner involved in the choice of the Indian industrial partners for the Rafale jet deal, and their role was just to ensure the delivery and quality of the aircraft. If this was the case, then how does Francois Hollande know what was happening at Dassault Aviation in 2016? Was Hollande expecting 'kickbacks"?

Rahul Gandhi is just an overgrown school boy who is not fit to take up even a Municipal councilor's post ! People of our Country are sick and tired of Rahul Gandhi. He doesn't feel any shame while defaming his own nation on a global platform and speaking like a Pakistani ISI agent .These are the real enemies of the nation. Congress is led by a cunning but foolish person like Rahul Gandhi. He is making a suffocating environment in the country by initiating a blame game on a daily basis! Why Indians dint boycott him...such a disgusting person!T his guy Rahul is crooked and is trying really hard to play this dirty games. I can see on his face that he is lying and bend on playing this games. Rahul is ares on fire before election. If any party understand that every time saying falls will not be turning true automatically otherwise people will believe falls of all you speak in future even though you may speaking some of true.
Edvige Antonia Albina Maino ( Sonia gandhi) aur Raul Vinci( Rahul Gandhi) should be kicked out of country to Italy.


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